The Parish Church of St Paul, Heaton Moor

Who's Who at St. Paul's

Key people

Everyone is valuable at St. Pauls, and each person brings with them their own gifts, talents and abilities.
A large number of people contribute to the day to day running of the church and ensure the success of the parish and its many activities, ministry and mission.  We do have a Mission Action Plan (MAP).

Below are those who serve on the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and also those who perform other roles within the church.

What is the Parochial Church Council – PCC?

The PCC is the executive committee of the Church of England parish and consists of clergy and churchwardens of the parish, together with representatives of the laity.  Legally the council is responsible for the financial affairs of the church and the maintenance of its assets such as churches and church halls and for promoting the mission of the church.

PCC Members

Mike Read Team Rector
Revd Liz Rowles Team Vicar
Eleanor Doyle Church Warden, PCC Secretary, Ex Officio PCC Member, Lay Chair
Ann Worthington Verger, PCC Member, Standing Committee
Penny Sweasey Treasurer, Standing Committee
David Bradshaw Gift Aid Secretary
Judith MCGovern PCC Minutes, Deanery Synod and Ex Officio PCC member, Standing Committee
Alan Benvie Deanery Synod, Ex Officio PCC Member
Julian Hardstone PCC Member
Margaret Hardstone PCC Member

Other Church Roles

Hall Bookings Julia Adamson
Welcomers on Sidespersons duty

Ann Sawer, Patrick Doyle, Colin Ellis, Andrew Masters, Ann Worthington, Beryl Divine, Kathryn Chesworth, Alan Benvie, June Rolph, Penny Sweasey

Electoral Role Officer Kathryn Chesworth
Baptism Preparation Team Rev Liz Rowles
Saturday Walking Group Geoff Kay
Parish Magazine Virginia Lloyd
Safeguarding (PSO) Jackie Reed
Flowers Ann Worthington
Ministry Rota Eleanor Doyle
Coffee Rota Eleanor Doyle
Website David Bradshaw (assisted by Ann Worthington)
Concerts Co-ordinator David Bradshaw

Revd Liz Rowles assisted by Ann Sawer, Beryl Divine, Barbara Gregson Christine Grainger and Virginia Lloyd (Music)


Virginia Lloyd, Judith McGovern, David Bradshaw, David Griffiths, Julian Hardstone, Margaret Hardstone, Eleanor Doyle, Sue Allcock,
Iona Hunt, Jill Barber, Angela Ager, Rob Clements, Nigel Allen.

Lay assistants Worship leaders

Lay assistants and Worship leaders play a vital role at St Pauls to fulfil our mission in trying to involve everybody into all styles of worship and into the ministry as a whole.

Worship Leaders

Andrew Masters, Margaret Hardstone, Eleanor Doyle.

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